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Save Money with Enhanced Green Energy Vinyl Replacement Windows for your House!

When looking into replacement windows for your home or new vinyl windows for a freshly built house, keep in mind that your windows serve many functions:

  • Deliver natural lighting into your house
  • Increase its visual beauty
  • Keep your conditioned air from trickling out

Of the three, seal malfunction, as well as aging windows, represent a large number of your house’s thermal deficits. No matter if it’s the warm air of summer or the cold air of wintertime, an inefficient barrier between the outdoor elements and your indoor atmosphere ensures you invest much more to heat or cool your house.

That’s the reason that Energy Catchers highly recommends “Enhanced Green Energy” vinyl replacement windows.

Energy-efficient “Enhanced Green Energy” windows keep the heat out through the summer and cold out throughout the winter. Get rid of this temperature transfer, therefore lessening your HVAC system demands. This not only decreases energy usage but lengthens the lifespan of those systems.

Enhanced Green Energy Replacement Window Benefits:

Produced In the U.S.A for more than 50 years, our Enhanced Green Energy replacement windows are:

  • Energy Star Qualified by the Department Of Energy and the EPA.
  • Custom-made and manufactured in the United States using exceptional building materials as well as Fusion Welded frames fashioned to last a lifetime.
  • These are advanced window replacement systems that combine stylish design as well as functional parts crafted to withstand the harshest of environments.
  • Custom made for every specific opening and are readily available with wood grain, factory finish or even unique color selections of your choice.
  • Created with more than 50 years of expertise and quality with a warranty to back it all up.
  • Upkeep free and made using rare virgin vinyl that never peels off, flakes, corrodes, or decays.
  • Developed and constructed to cut down temperature transfer as well as boost exterior sound deflection using UltraFlect Glass Coatings and Argon Gas fill.
  • The Duralite ™ Warm Edge spacer system encloses the glass unit and insulates the window border.

UltraFlect Is A Highly Engineered Glass Coating Technological Innovation

Only UltraFlect blends tried and tested innovations in advanced glass coating functionalities, a “warm edge” spacer system filled up with Argon Gas, yielding our most thermally efficient heat reflective and resilient insulating glass package. Argon gas is six times denser compared to air, rendering it a superb insulator. This density component suggests heat/cold transfers from inside and outside the home are drastically diminished as verified by the (National Fenestration Rating Council) NFRC performance testing ratings. Additionally, harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays that can discolor carpetings, household furniture as well as paintings are no match for UltraFlect’s:

– Three layers of Silver Oxide (11 total layers) are coated and shielded inside the dry airspace.

  • One ceramic layer of Tin Oxide is permanently bonded to the inside glass surface. Tactically created and placed to reflect heat energy from your furnace.
  • Argon Gas fill offers an insulation barricade.
  • Duralite ™ is the most advanced warm edge spacer created to minimize heat loss as well as condensation.

Our UltraFlect replacement windows provide remarkable energy efficiency results that go above and beyond Energy Star requirements with a genuine “Center of Glass” R-Value of 5.0! Please do not hesitate to ask for window performance info from our NFRC sticker to make your choice. These private laboratory test results are energy efficient window manufacturing criteria and are also consumers guide to replacement window effectiveness.

We are energy efficient window experts, available for free of charge in-home assessments. Please phone 910-460-4620 to schedule an appointment in the Raleigh or Wilmington area; we eagerly anticipate meeting with you.



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